Portable Appliance Testing Service - PAT
  PAT Testing - Manchester 0161 626 2819

PAT Testing - Manchester 0161 626 2819

Portable Appliance Testing - PAT - carried out by fully qualified technicians with state of the art test equiptment. Let us help your business comply with the Health & Safety and Electricity at Work Regulations. From the small business with just a few electrical appliances right through to the largest with thousands of appliances - we can test them all!


Cost of Testing & Inspection of Portable Electrical Equipment - PAT

The time taken to carry out Inspection and Testing of Portable Electrical Appliances - PAT - can be very variable as every test location is different and some appliances will be much easier to access than others. As a result we have devised a scale of charges which we have found offers the best all round value in relation to the number of electrical appliances that need to be tested.

We believe that we offer a quality service at a fair price, if the cost per test is set at a low price then things may not be done correctly or extra charges are going to be made. It takes an average of about 6 minutes to carry out a proper test with a full visual inspection, opening up the plug top to check the fuse and cable connections, setting up the test meter, carrying out the relevant tests, supplying and filling in the pass label, affixing the label to the asset and recording the asset details in the meter. This is not counting bring the item to the test location and returning it back following the test, any minor repairs that may be required, for example the plug top may need to be refitted if the cable has slipped out of the cable grip. In addition after we leave the site we then have to download the test data and produce the certificate and test logs.

We don't add on an extra charge for minor repairs like fitting the correct size fuse, remaking the connections to the plug top, shortening a flex to remove a damaged section. If we had a low cost per appliance we would not be able to carry out these repairs without charging a labour fee. Please be aware when counting up your appliances that detachable cables such as kettle leads, PC power leads, printer leads, etc are classed as an appliance in their own right.

We include all the following in our per appliance charge :-

  • Free mileage within 15 miles of our base in Oldham.
  • Pass/fail labels on all appliances tested.
  • Fuses replaced FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Minor repairs carried out to plug top wiring FREE OF CHARGE.
  • All repairs carried out are re-tested FREE OF CHARGE.
  • PAT test certificate and test results in an electronic format and/or hard copy.
  • Re-testing notification.

Minimum Charge

We have a minimum charge per site of £95.00

This covers our travelling costs of up to 15 miles from our base in Oldham and any parking charges we have to pay. It also includes the inspection and testing of up to 20 appliances and the production of printed test results.

Testing Charges

After we have tested the 20 appliances included in the minimum charge we then have a per appliance charge as follows, with discounts based on quantities i.e. the more we test the cheaper per test.:-

Up to 100 additional units are charged at £3.00 per appliance.

Up to 300 additional units are charged at £2.75 per appliance.

Up to 500 additional units are charged at £2.50 per appliance.

Up to 1000 additional units are charged at £2.50 per appliance.

Over 1000 additional units are charged at £2.00 per appliance.

For very large sites with 500+ items that require testing we can work on an hourly or day rate charge. Please contact us for details of these rates.

Additional Charges

Supply and fit new plug top £3.00 - Up to 5 will be supplied and fitted free per site.

Supply and fit new flex - varies with cable size, colour and length. We will always provide a fixed price quote before any work is carried out.

Testing of fixed appliances connected to switched fuse outlets. For example hand dryers in toilets. These also require a valid inspection and test report to comply with the legislation. We can carry out the tests on these if required at a cost of £15.00 each which reflects the extra work involved to carry out the work.

Mileage charge per mile over 15 miles from our base in Oldham - 45p per mile each way per day.

Labour charge for any repairs agreed following a failed PAT test - £40.00 per hour charged in 1/4 hour segments. Re-test following the repair is carried out free of charge.

Please Note : All the above rates are based on our normal working hours - 9.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday. We can arrange to test outside these hours but additional charges will apply. 


"Thank you for the prompt and efficient way that you carried out the PAT testing for us.

We thought there would be a lot of disruption to our usual working day but there was nothing to worry about. See you again in 12 months."

J. F. - Oldham

"The PAT Technician that carried out our testing was a credit to your company. Very polite and efficient. The few small faults he found were repaired there and then."

S. L. - Middleton